Data Quality

Data Quality


If the data has all the features namely, validity, consistency, accuracy, completeness, and availability, then the data is of high quality. If your company data has all the above quality details, then it can fulfil all your company requirements. The data provided by you defines your company.

Improving the email data quality is very important for every organisation as it can help in boosting your customer growth. Make sure to keep the initial customer sign up form short and simple. No customer would want to reveal every personal detail in the first go.

You can ask the customers to fill in more information. If you have many departments in your organisation, keep try keeping the email list organised to avoid mistakes. Finally cleaning up the old email addresses of customers and updating to their changed emails will help you in maintaining high email data quality.

Similarly, companies should send direct mails of high mailing data quality. This is not only time saving but also very cost effective, customer satisfactory, and can help you gain many market opportunities.

Data Quality Advantage:

Improved email delivery.
Lower percentage of undeliverable email addresses.
Greater ability to target specific customers to your products and services.
Increased ROI.

Time Line:

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