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TrueBlue Lists Has as a Strong team leading clients a business into a different level, where the result would be amazing, The Best Marketing solutions with updated version of multiple Technologies is life with us and it’s always for you.

• Brand loyalty
• Creativity-Drive
• Collaborative Team
• leverage our strength
• Passionate and proud
• Building positive relationship

We have over 2,500+ satisfied, loyal customers with over 20-30% coming back for ongoing service and support. Our customers span the globe and we provide B2B data for all regions i.e. Europe, Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Our partnerships with industry leading B2B database networks, technologies and a team of highly experienced in-house telemarketers help us to deliver technology sales leads that are more likely to convert.

We will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer a most appropriate and cost effective solution guaranteed.

TrueBlue Lists is a full-service B2B Email List Provider Service Company which specializes in B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Solutions, Email List Service, and Appending Services across Globe. We provide a very high quality, targeted data that powers their sales and marketing campaigns.

We are the pioneer in having 100+ dedicated data scientists to cater our global client base. Our experience with various clients in past 7 years has given us the understanding of the business and confidence to challenge any issue.

We aim at helping you get connected with the highly potential markets through offering a unique marketing database, which can impact your business significantly. Our team values every minute to offer you an elegant and worth full solution to ensure that your messages reach your targeted audience each time.

TrueBlue Lists is a global provider of sales and marketing services specializing in lead generation and marketing solutions from medium to large companies. We provide customized and innovative marketing solutions to generate qualified sales leads and business appointments through telemarketing combined with email, online, and social media platforms.

As a company, we have always closed better more deals with many of the clients with positive results, Thus resulting in better growth vice versa.

The success lies with the Bold tragedy, Creative Implementation, stepping New Strategy and the lesson from experience

“TrueBlue Lists” has been Wonderfully handling all the above and standing with golden 7 years of prosperous clients with satisfied Business.”

We are passing the way for you take into the “globe world” with all sorts of layers with enlarging brand


Truebluelists was founded on corporate principles, enthusiastic, competent, and experienced employees, and the goal of offering best-of-breed solutions, services, and products to consumers all over the world around the clock. We have obtained great expertise serving a wide range of small and large enterprises all around the world. Our expertise working with a variety of customers has given us the insight and confidence to confront any situation. Truebluelists’s workforce are all experienced and devoted. Truebluelists is continually growing and improving our services for our clients.

Industry specific B2B Email List

Insurance  <>  Government
Healthcare   <>  Real Estate
Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment
Construction   <>  Finance   <>  Software
Manufacturing   <>  Education   <>  Law Firms & Legal Services
Media & Internet   <>  Transportation   <>  Retail   <>  Business Services
Cultural   <>  Telecommunications   <>  Hospitality
Agriculture   <>  Cities, Towns & Municipalities   <>  Organizations
Consumer Services <>  Chambers of Commerce  <>  Metals & Mining

1 Cragwood Rd, Ste 232, South Plainfield, New Jersey, 07080, United States
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Phone Number: (732) 931-2777


Employees: <25


Revenue: <$5 Million