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TrueBlue Lists is a full-service B2B Marketing Services Company which specializes in B2B Lead Generation, Marketing Solutions, Email List Service, and Appending Services across the Globe.

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About Us

Truebluelists was founded on corporate principles, enthusiastic, competent, and experienced employees, and the goal of offering best-of-breed solutions, services, and products to consumers all over the world around the clock.
We have obtained great expertise serving a wide range of small and large enterprises all around the world.
Our expertise working with a variety of customers has given us the insight and confidence to confront any situation.
Truebluelists’s workforce are all experienced and devoted.
Truebluelists is continually growing and improving our services for our clients.

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Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment
Construction   <>  Finance   <>  Software
Manufacturing   <>  Education   <>  Law Firms & Legal Services
Media & Internet   <>  Transportation   <>  Retail   <>  Business Services
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Our Support

B2B Email List Provider

• Brand loyalty
• Creativity-Drive
• Collaborative Team
• leverage our strength
• Passionate and proud
• Building positive relationship

We have over 2,500 pleased and loyal clients, with 20-30% returning for continuous service and support. Our customers come from all over the world, and we supply business-to-business data for all areas, including Europe, Australia, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Our relationships with industry-leading B2B database networks, technologies, and a staff of highly experienced in-house telemarketers enable us to generate more likely-to-convert technology sales leads.

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

Email Appending Service

We work tirelessly on your old data to provide an immaculate list for your Unlimited Email Campaign.


1000 Fortune Company List

All of the Decision Maker connections are covered by the Top Fortunes Companies, as well as many other Industry Segments.

Pre-Delivery Test

Before delivery, the New Ordered List is re-verified for bad, hard bounce, soft bounce, and duplicate records. All of the necessary information for your Unlimited Marketing Campaign is covered and delivered via. Excel Spreadsheet or CSV File

Deterge & Accuracy of our Data

Every 45 days, we meticulously wipe the data. Our data professionals make your email marketing experience as simple as possible by guaranteeing a minimum of 90% accuracy on the data you purchase.


Guaranteed 90%

Delivery Type

Excel Spreadsheet or. CSV file

Pre-Delivery Test

Re-verified against soft and hard bounce Emails.

Data Contains

All the necessary fields 12+ data segments

Data Cleansing

Data is cleansed every 45 days.

Listed Companies

We provide database for small to top fortune companies.